Foundation Physical Therapy offers comprehensive testing and treatment of multiple vestibular, central, and balance disorders in our Vestibular and Balance Program. Our therapists are highly qualified and hold competencies in Vestibular Rehabilitation and Cervicogenic Dizziness, and have advanced practice in Vestibular Rehabilitation. If you live in the Denver metro area and suffer from chronic dizziness, call us today and schedule your evaluation and learn how our dizziness treatment program can help you.


Statistics for dizziness and balance disorders:

Common complaints include:

Common diagnoses treated in our Vestibular and Balance Program

Our clinic provides treatment options for these disorders including:



In the clinic, we work with many individuals that have recently experienced concussions due to situations such as bike accidents, car accidents, ski injuries, falls and various scenarios of hitting their heads at home or at work. When a concussion occurs, symptoms may be:


When a head injury first occurs, it is important to receive immediate medical attention and if a concussion is diagnosed, the next step is to address the present signs and symptoms that are listed above. Physical therapy provides a resource to address many of the concerns that an individual may have following a concussion. To begin, a PT will perform an evaluation to identify those areas that an individual is demonstrating difficulties with and develop a plan of care to address these issues and provide interventions to promote improvements. Physical therapy interventions may include manual therapy to address soft tissue issues, balance exercises to address dizziness or balance deficits as well as interventions to improve visual processing and increase activity tolerance.  A Physical Therapist will, along with your physician, provide guidelines for your return to work or exercise routines. With time and an appropriate treatment plan, you will be able to return to your typical activities without the above symptoms.




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