At Foundation Physical Therapy, we are passionate about getting you back on your feet and

back into a normal, healthy life.We focus and design our treatment plans for maximum

results. We create customized treatments and rehabilitation plans designed to help you reach

and maintain your goals.

One on One Care

Foundation Physical Therapy focuses solely on quality of care. Our treatment philosophy is that 1 on 1 customized care will yield astounding results which will decrease your total amount of visits and increase your overall quality of life. We never overlap our appointments or operate out of busy gyms. Our facility is private and comfortable to fit your rehabilitation needs.

Specialized Practice Areas

Foundation PT focuses primarily on care surrounding Geriatric rehab, Neurological rehab, Orthopedic rehab and Movement disorders. Our therapist work closely with some of the nations leading Neroperformance and Movement Disorder Physicians in an effort to create a more holistic approach to care. We strive to stay on top of the latest technology and practices revolving around Geriatric and Neurological rehabilitation.