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What to expect from your first Physical Therapy visit

What does a physical therapy evaluation look like? A physical therapist will work with you to determine what aspects of your daily life could be easier to perform. You may have deficits in your range of motion (a joint’s ability to move freely), activity tolerance, strength, coordination, and balance. It is your physical therapist’s job to work with you to determine your needs and determine how physical therapy may benefit you.

Your first visit, or evaluation, will include numerous tests, which are often timed. It is best to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. A typical physical therapy visit in our clinic lasts an hour. You can prepare for your evaluation visit by writing down your specific goals or questions ahead of time. For example, is it difficult to get out of bed or the car? Have you had any falls? What were the details of your fall(s)? Please come with a list of your current medications and surgical history. Sometimes it is helpful to bring a family member with you to help remember details.

After your physical therapist gathers all of your information and understands your goals, he or she can help determine how many visits are recommended. They may also make recommendations for equipment to make your mobility easier. They also typically recommend some exercises to do at home, to start you on your path to improving your mobility and quality of life.




05 Aug, 2014

Physical Therapy


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