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Do you suffer from neck and back pain? It could be how you’re sitting at your desk.

We definitely spend a lot of time in front of a computer whether it is for work, paying bills, checking emails or being on social media. During this time, many of us do not sit in an optimal position and this can lead to neck, back and/or shoulder pain. Pain can begin due to poor posture that causes stress on muscles and joints as they are being used and held in a position that they are not meant to be for sustained times. A way to improve posture and reduce risk of musculoskeletal pain is to ensure your work space/home office are set up to promote optimal sitting position. Here are a few tips to help optimize your work areas:

  • Chair height should be adjusted so that feet are flat on floor and hips are at 90 degrees or slightly higher than knees
  • Computer monitor should be placed directly in front of chair with center of screen slightly below eye level
  • Keyboard should be placed at a level to keep shoulders relaxed and elbows at a 90 degree angle with wrists maintained in a neutral position

Quick adjustments such as these will help promote proper postural alignment and reduce stress on neck, shoulders and back.



05 Dec, 2015

Physical Therapy


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